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Guest on Peel Matters with Bill McBain

7pm-8pm EST



Author event

Island 989, Lake Temagami, ON


Free entry. Books will be available for purchase.  Proceeds will go to Canoe House.



Northern Ontario Book Fair

18 Silver Street, Cobalt, ON


Free entry. 



Northern Ontario Book Fair

18 Silver Street, Cobalt, ON


Free entry.



Canadian Conference on Global Health

Ottawa, ON

Details TBD

This fall, Gretchen will join other authors from all over Northern Ontario at the annual Northern Ontario Book Fair. They  will  meet with fans, sell books, sign books, take photos, and talk about their current and upcoming projects. There will also be additional free events for both authors and readers to enjoy, including readings, workshops, storytimes for kids, and more.

Cobalt has a strong literary history, particularly in children’s literature, as part of the historic Tri-Town (Cobalt, Haileybury, and New Liskeard). The first 21 books in the Hardy Boys series were written by an author from Haileybury, Charles Leslie McFarlane, who wrote them under the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon, and the local museum features McFarlane memorabilia, and holds an annual  Ghost of the Hardy Boys short story competition for students. Cobalt is the home of White Mountain Publications, which has been publishing and selling books by Northern Ontario authors for more than three decades, and  the site of the annual Spring Pulse Poetry Festival.

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Recounting medical missions in half of the thirty countries in which she has worked for the past twenty-five years — from Darfur in Sudan to Papua New Guinea and Bhutan — Dr. Gretchen Roedde shares the grim reality of world politics and bureaucratic red tape on the front lines in mother-and-child health and HIV/AIDS.

In this latest edition of A Doctor’s Quest, she tells the stories of the hopes of village women struggling to give birth safely, their often corrupt leaders, and countries trying to bring evil despots to justice. The book analyzes the slow progress in global maternal health, contrasting the affluence of the few with the precarious hold on survival of the world’s poorest, where economic realities force families to sell young girls into marriage at the age of thirteen to face higher risk of death from early child-bearing.

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A hopeful memoir that shares the author’s voyage of discovery as a mother, wife, and physician in underserved communities in northern Ontario.

In underserved areas of Canada, the communities themselves can be one of the strongest parts of the health care team. Dr. Gretchen Roedde shows how local communities play a major role in responding to illness, birth, and death, making each more meaningful and bearable.

In Deep Water Dream, Roedde recounts stories from her long career — working with a Cree community to develop a medical dictionary in their own language, training community-based health workers, and delivering Amish babies in her own home. Roedde redraws the boundaries between physician and community, strengthening the capacity to care for those close by, and offers a hopeful and powerful example to the rest of the world.